Full Stack Python Developer


A little about us

Communication within and between organisations is broken. We are building a company with a mission to fix this – to enable teams and individuals collaborate effectively within and outside their organisation.


Our culture

We put people first. We experiment, fail, learn and succeed. We challenge each other and analyse ourselves. Our values are inspired by the Management 3.0 mindset. We never stop improving and we model what we want to see. We foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for us and a better product for our users. Therefore we are building up a civilized workplace.


What you will be doing

We are looking for engaged and enthusiastic Software Engineers to join one of our teams. We are working together in autonomous teams that take full responsibility for their own part of the eyetime ecosystem. Some teams work with a feature like threaded conversation, others focus on supporting monitoring or making it super easy to deploy features on a certain type of client. You will join a team to support the implementation of distributed backend systems, their scalability and continuous development. You will work with

  • End user features, for example channels management, advanced user rights management or user migration scenarios
  • Infrastructure and operations: build and maintain eyetimes authentication and authorization services, tools, identity server, integration server and infrastructure around storage
  • Financial systems, such as the systems to handle subscriptions and accounting and integrating them into existing ERP solutions
  • API development
  • eyetime integrations running on partner platforms as well as integrating eyetime in partner apps and software ecosystems


Your responsibilities

  • Design, develop and deploy backend services with focus on high availability, low latency and scalability based on the open source project https://matrix.org.
  • Support to build and operate infrastructure, toolset and deployment pipelines together with a partner company.
  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and become a valued member of an autonomous, cross- functional team.
  • Work in an environment that supports your individual growth.
  • Continuously improve our product by innovating on the service through the usage of A/B tests.


Your qualifications

  • You are comfortable writing Python
  • You are are interested in keeping up with current best practices in your areas of expertise
  • You are experienced working with modern infrastructure and tools like Ansible and Docker
  • You are experienced with PostgreSQL, Python, Twisted, Node.js, Electron, AWS EC2 & S3 and Microsoft Azure
  • You are comfortable running your software in Linux environments
  • You know and care about sound engineering practices like continuous delivery, defensive programming and automated testing
  • You are familiar with designing and building distributed and scalable systems and enjoy seeing millions of users running your code
  • You have good understanding of data structures and algorithms, and understand how to apply them to design pragmatic solutions


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